Wednesday, May 14, 2014

12.5-13.5. Visit in Denmark 1:1 schools

I had great opportunity to visit in three 1:1 schools in Denmark at 12.5-13.5. After three hours of sleep i let photos do the most talking. 
First school was VUC Haderslev students 18+. New huge building look like a modern museum. They talk about Learning Lighthouse

Our next visit Parkvejens skole in Odder. Municipality of Odder is famous of its iPad 1:1 solutions. Next slide photos tell you some basic ideas related 1:1. 

 Our last visit was in Copenhagen Ørestads high school. This school has been leading digital leaning environment developer in among Denmark high school. All students has lap top and iPad. Also Android and Windows about 10%. In this byod-system they use Google Drive as learning platform.  1100 students in that school. 


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