Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Animoto for teachers

Christmas is coming and i had a great job to make Christmas calender for #CCglobal Schools. And we all know, that the original Santa lives in Finland, Lapland, so i need to find a Santa. Luckyly Santa was visiting in my Voionmaa upper secondary school and i had lots of pictures fro Santa and our Students.

I need a tool to a Christmas video and thanks for my Greek teacher friend George Panagiotakopoulos @Physiart, i understood, that Animoto is the one for the job. Also yesterday i had some advice from Liam Dunphy and Mr @physiart about taking Education account in Animoto. Instead of free 30 sec. video you get longer videos and password for 50 students. (Thanks for collaboration in Twitter guys!) There are also Animoto for iPhone, witch makes great new elements for mobile learning.
Just check the Animoto features and create a video with music, text, images and video. 

I dont want to present my Christmas calender yet and spoil the surprise, so im going to make from random pictures of my computer a 30 sec presentation starting now. Clock is ticking . . .5 minutes and Animoto is making the video, video embed here under total of 10 minutes. 

For Seasons by @ilotimo and Merry Christmas!


  1. Great, great job Timo. It is my pleasure to help you and I hope that the next year will be the year of collaboration and cooperation of teachers all over the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR Timo. I wish you and your family health, innovation and creativity.

  2. Hi Timo!

    I will agree with George - super stuff! I love how you blended Four Seasons and Christmas wishes, along with beautiful images in your Animoto.

    Merry Christmas to you too and to your wonderful wife and boys!

    Hyvää joulua,

  3. Thanks for you both comments! Its like Christmas just arrived to bloggers heart:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you my friends.


  4. hey happi chrismas..........ya itstrue that santa is fvrouite among the childerns so u caught santa


  5. Thanks for your many comments Faseeh

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