Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wetoku for online interviews

I was interviewed by Vicky Loras today with help of online tool 
Wetoku which was very easy to use. Check our interview from Vicky Loras blog. My mic was little bit quiet, but you can hear if you put sounds full:) We are going to use this tool later in #finnedchat presentation channel, so thanks Vicky for introducing such a great tool for us to use.

WETOKU tutorial by

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

TweetDeck & 100s of Twitter tools for Teachers

I have posted about Twitter a few times before.  Twitter in Classroom part 1. Twitter in Classroom 2 ; Twitter in Classroom part 3; Updates: Facebook and Twitter in Classroom and Georgia Department of Defense: Tactical Guides of Social Media.
This post share some examples of other available Twitter tools  which gives extra boost on your tweeting.     

My top tool is TweetDeck. Best feature in TweetDeck is that i can see multible columns in one view, very quick look and i know whats happening, like example today i have 15 columns open. First all friends, my top list, my iPad list, mentions, #RSCON3, #finnedchat, favorites, direct messages, new followers, #edtech, #mlearning, #ipadchat, #ipaded, Facebook, Linkedin. 

I also open new columns for daily needs, like follow my new blog post retweeting (for thanking them), follow interesting hashtags, sometimes i follow one person, who has some spesific information, like Scott Newcomb @snewco from mlearning or @web20classroom Steven W. Anderson from everything related education technogy and many others.

Thats enough from my experiences, check out these tutorials, slides and links  from TweetDeck and other hundreds of Twitter tools.

Josh Stumpenhorst @Stumpteacher tutorial: Twitter 102 (using TweetDeck)

Twitter: Top Twitter tools exposed & explaned by lightning speed by Zebolsen

Twitter 102 by Amanda L. Sage

Twitter tools for teachers

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#RSCON3 Reflections and Finnish Education System in Tagxedo Word Cloud

I had my first time in The Reform Symposium in last weekend and what a great experience it was. Great presentations, skillfull speakers, global network for teachers and educators who passionately develop education. What more teacher who likes networking and enjoys Twitter conversations would ask. Had many new interesting contacts and great educators to follow in Twitter.  

Shelly Terrel and Salome Thomas-El presentations touched me deeply, i also enjoyed my good Twitter friend Vicky Loras enthusiastic presentation Multiculturalism in the Classroom and Steve Wheelers had really fireworks in ending Keynote. Great thing is that my Reform Symposium still continues when recordings are ready to watch and i can see all presentations i missed.

We, The Team Mates, Timo Ilomäki  and Aki Puustinen had huge honour to be the first Keynote speakers in conference. We are proud of possibility to be part of such inspiring community. We talk about elements about Finnish Education System. Audience was really active and supportive - thank you for that, relaxed us even little nervousness was in the air, thats why the team mate is so important support. Thanks also Muurame student Arttu for courage in presenting live. Thanks also for Finnish principals Esa Kukkasniemi and Jukka Manninen your expert knowledge in our presentation. In Vanessa Alanders blog post We Need A Trust Revolution had some mention about our presentation themes and i agree -
                    Trust Is Everything

My last blog post was Word Clouds for Teachers so i continue that theme and made from our presentation words Tagxedo hand.

Finnish Education System In Global Eductors Hand

Our Presentation in Reform Symposium Conference 29.7.2011 (removed some pictures of presentation)