Friday, October 18, 2013

Thinglink for teachers

Using Thinglink is easy. First download image, then tag with different web content like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more and finally share your content. I use it mostly with iPad. Thinglink app

From Thinglink Youtube channel

Some ideas to use Thinglink in education:

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Labdisc Science measurement tools for iPad

Im running iPad project called Mobiluck involved six Finnish high schools.  We have tested iPads and other tablets in classroom teaching and documentation tools, in project based learning, in sports, flipped classroom, in use of augmented reality applications. And now we testing iPad as science tool. 

 Project bought 12 Labdisc Measurement tools made by Globisens Ltd. Each school get two measurement devices for use if physics, chemistry, math, geography classes. From Globisens page some features of these science devices: Ambient Temperature, Barometer, Colorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen, External Temperature, GPS, IR Temperature, pH, Relative Humidity, Sound Level, Turbidity, UV. Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External Temperature, Light, Microphone, Universal Input, Voltage . . . 

We had training session for natural science teachers last week. At first their  download a Globilab iPad app for teachers iPads. After couple hours of theory they went outside to take measurements like air pressure, moisture, ambient temperature, distance . . Teachers where quite inspired of many possibilities Labdisc offers.  I will share more results later on.  

Our Labdisc tools for high school use. 



One Labdisc tutorial from Labdisc Youtube channel. How to use Labdisc outside classroom. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Google Forms for Teachers

In past few weeks I have been using a lot of Google drive in collaborative writing with high school first graders. Results has been so  good that we have continued our courses team work theme. In media project week we are doing quizzes with Google forms. Topic is use of media during school week. Students fill questions in the evening. 

First multiple choice question is about time spending in different media and also there is open question about which and why they use certain social media tools. We have parents evening this week and students promised tell the truth:) in forms and let parents see they media time.

Second form is embed Youtube video Social media revolution and open question is to define social media as a concept. 

Most of these guides are from Free technology for teachers made by Richard Byrne

How to create images based quizzes
80 ways to use Google forms in classroom
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

iPad app Coachmyvideo for sport teachers

I work in Voionmaa high school (Finland, Jyväskylä), which has special task for help athletes to do both practice and study well. We use iPad in sports, shoot videos from training from hockey to track and field. Students and teachers take videos, edit with iMovie. It also a good material to promote your school

 Training videos

 One favorite app is Coachmyvideo. Our hockey coach Mika Lievonen uses app in his training . You can make slow motions, frame by frame, forward and reverse, compare to videos or photos each other. One good feature is drawing tool,  it also calculates angles. 

Photo from two videos feature

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mobiluck Social Media & iPad Presentation in BETT2013

Coordinator Timo Ilomäki, Principals Kari Rajala, Jukka Sormunen
Our Mobiluck - Mobile learning in upper secondary school students learning project got invitation from School Leaders Summit in BETT2013 London to present themes of Finnish education, networking between schools and educators by using social media and finally results of using iPads in learning. 

Before our presentation on stage was man himself Mr. Pasi Sahlberg who was presenting about Finlands education system based on his book Finnish Lessons. After that audience was open for more about Finnish education.

Mobiluck Zine: 

Story of Mobiluck in Zine

Presentation about Finnish education, social media & iPads in learning: 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

PDF tools for iPad teacher


Next year i am going teach much more with iPad. Pdf annotate tools let me read, comment and give better feedback for students essays. What i like most is possibility to speak my essay feedback in to the document. For that task im using Notability and iAnnotate PDF tools.  

I also like InstaWeb which allows to make PDF-files of any webpage. Camscanner changes photos in to PDF-Files. 

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InstaWeb - Web to PDF converter 


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