Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facebook in Education part 2 - in classroom

After previous Facebook in Education post I found some many exellent resources to share, that school marketing in Facebook post after this. So, what did I found?

First there is great video: Teacher Sarah Romeun: Using Facebook to teach

Second a presentation from Slideshare: Making the case for Facebook in education

Finally two amazing links for using Facebook in classroom:

Now there is enough tips for Facebook in classroom, next post is about marketing and branding schools with help on Facebook. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Facebook in Education

In this post I present different ways to use Facebook in education ja and classroom. I work in Voionmaa upper secondary school as a teacher and student councellor and also as a project manager in many different projects.

I use Facebook in many ways:

  • Send messages to other teachers and developers which I have listed
  • Send best tweets and links from TweetDeck to Facebook
  • Send messages to our school students, because their reply faster in Facebook than E-mails.
  • Our school Voionmaa upper secondary school  (might ask your sign in your Facebook account) have own Facebook-page and there over 1200 students involve. Im administrator with 3 other teachers and 2-3 students in this year.  We share information, pictures, videos, links, promote school events and new courses.
  • I have networked between different upper secondary schools in Finland - I liked schools Facebook-pages, so I know, what happens in every school from my wall, very practical.
  • We have also network with 24  upper secondary schools and have common Facebook-page, where every school share their best practices for entrepreneurship and social media projects. All schools works at administrator of pages. Network is called Y-love network in entrepreneurship and social media. (Page is in Finnish, but take a look around) Sign in your Facebook account.
  • We also plan and write all new project in Facebook and GoogleDocs. In most project there is a demand on networking ja ICT-use, so application is written between schools all over Finland. Closed Facebook-group is great tool to lead writing process, innovate new and share links. Actual writing happens in GoogleDocs.
  • I have now closed groups at #Finnedchat, Mobile project, Voionmaa school teachers and couple more.
  • I use Facebook chat a lot with other teacher developers, its easy and quick.

Two videos give some perspectives from Facebook in classroom and education.

Next post is about using Facebook in School marketing and branding.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twitter in Classroom (part 3)

In our third part we go deeper with tutorials in applying Twitter in Classroom. But first, if there is a reader who doesnt have Twitter account yet, this tutorial is for you. Get a cup of coffee, look all the tutorials and links, and you dont want to start your vacation:)

"Dr. Rankin, professor of History at UT Dallas, wanted to know how to reach more students and involve more people in class discussions both in and out of the classroom." From Youtube video-trailer.  So their started use Twitter.

Twitter is also handy on Kinderkarden in Meridian School in Seattle.

                                                 Using Twitter in Elementary School

This is great video with good examples

You find more videos on Youtube by search Twitter in Classroom.

This is not enough to make you perfect Twitter-teacher. Finally there some links you should check. Take your 23 steps becoming Twitter -teacher.  After these steps you are ready to 100 new ways to use Twitter in Classroom. And then you become hungry so check 101 Ways to use Twitter in Campus. Finally for desert there are two WOW-experiences from Twitter use in Role Playing. Temporal Tuesday - when everyone gets your own Timemachine and TWhistory -Those who forget history are doomed to re-tweet it

These fantastic examples end our journey on Twitter in Classroom. But all us teachers know, that in August we have many new great ideas in our classrooms. 

In my blog I continue presentations from Education Technology. We leave Twitter behind for a while, and search Facebook in school and social bookmarking tool Diido, my dear library use in classroom. Then we come back on Twitter and I prensent the ultimate Twitter tools, what every Twitter-teachers needs.

I hope you join and start collect good new ideas and examples from Twitter in Classroom at  hashtag #twinclass.

Tweet You! @ilotimo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twitter in Classroom 2

Twitter in classroom ideas:

Make Twitter-account to your school
Researching a topic using hashtag
Creat a learning network PLN -follow and be followed by people with similar interest
Creat your course learning network – follow together same people
Asking questions from teacher and students
Seeking help or advise on a project from Twitter community
Following leading thinkers
Sharing what you are learning in a course
Taking notes in class
Read an article, webpage, book and summarize on tweets.
Twiit links to your classmates
Follow a famous person and document their progress. President, elections, popstars . . .
Role playing. Choose historic person and create a twitter account for them – choose an image which represents the historical figure. There are countless ways to take different roles in different subjects, religion, history, philosophy . . .
Learn more of different cultures, twiiting with school abroad.
Have students
Sharing blog posts
Tell a story, 140 characters and one student at a time. Twitter stories.
Be a journalist. Describe what you see, be a reporter in and out school: events, news.
Follow mentors or famous people
Know your classmates better. One student at time could be a Twitter-chat host
Brainstorming project ideas
Ask student their opinions in different subjects.
Share interesting websites. Teachers and students can post interesting websites

33 Ways use Twitter in Classroom

Lets create more together!

Twitter in classroom. Part 1.

         Twitter has been dramatic change for me as an educator.  I was already active user of  Facebook in my leisure and also in work,  but it was Twitter, which really make a change. Suddenly educators around the world were part of my PLN. I had many questions about Finnish education and got many good tips, links and information in my use.  Im interestid in social media in education, so Twitter is at moment best chanel update your information. Like I said on my first post, I develop my personal learning network  following from TweetDeck simultaneoysly my friends, my lists, favorites, mentions, messages, new  followers, different hashtags like #edchat #edtech #mlearning.
         Twitter is a place for teachers to collaborate, share their experience every day schoolwork and materials,   develop pedagogical methods, learn more about languages and cultures, make new connections and partnerschools. 
         I share my presentation on Twitter in classroom on three parts. At the end of this short introductions there is great tutorial video from Twitter in classroom by @paulandersson.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

“We care, we share, we dare”

Last days has been interesting from Finnish educator point of view. Discussion on Finlands education system has been lively in #finnedchat. Many great educators from Finland and all over the world have join discussions. Our blog #Finnedchat – all about Finnish Education had many visitors, 1000 in two days http://finnedchat.blogspot.com/. Collaboration with educators is very rewarding.
Inspired by all this I also want to establish my own blog. In this blog I am going to dig my Diigo-files and make presentations of social media in classroom for teachers point of view and also the whole school as social media learning environment.
Im not Finnish Shakespeare in English, but I have a personal mission and message. Us, honered educators, should give our students, 21st learners modern, best possible learning enviroment. 
I learn best from video-tutorials so I start my blog with Twitter and TweetDeck-tutorial from @stumpteacher. I really like Twitter and if Twitter is my girlfriend, TweetDeck is my wife – and I love them both. After a short dating period with Twitter, i moved in my tweeting  more serious relationship with Tweetdeck.
I follow simultaneoysly my friends, my lists, favorites, mentions, messages, new  followers,   hashtags like #finnedchat #edchat #edtech #mlearning #augmentedreality #entrepreneurship and and other tweeters lists like @web20classroom.  I also follow interesting tweeters  with search-tool.
My teammate, associate and principal Aki Puustinen @apuustin said one #finnedchat tweet from teachers:  “We care, we share, we dare”.  Lets dare to make mistake and risk of using education technology for benefit of our students abilities and learning.
Lets collaborate! @ilotimo

Twitter and TweetDeck for educators from @stumpteacher