Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twitter in Classroom 2

Twitter in classroom ideas:

Make Twitter-account to your school
Researching a topic using hashtag
Creat a learning network PLN -follow and be followed by people with similar interest
Creat your course learning network – follow together same people
Asking questions from teacher and students
Seeking help or advise on a project from Twitter community
Following leading thinkers
Sharing what you are learning in a course
Taking notes in class
Read an article, webpage, book and summarize on tweets.
Twiit links to your classmates
Follow a famous person and document their progress. President, elections, popstars . . .
Role playing. Choose historic person and create a twitter account for them – choose an image which represents the historical figure. There are countless ways to take different roles in different subjects, religion, history, philosophy . . .
Learn more of different cultures, twiiting with school abroad.
Have students
Sharing blog posts
Tell a story, 140 characters and one student at a time. Twitter stories.
Be a journalist. Describe what you see, be a reporter in and out school: events, news.
Follow mentors or famous people
Know your classmates better. One student at time could be a Twitter-chat host
Brainstorming project ideas
Ask student their opinions in different subjects.
Share interesting websites. Teachers and students can post interesting websites

33 Ways use Twitter in Classroom

Lets create more together!


  1. WOW! Very inspiring list indeed! It's almost a pity that we have only one week to go before holidays ;-) But I certainly will return to this post when school starts again in August.

  2. I will too! These are notes for me for next year. Luckyly we have holidays:)

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