Tuesday, May 24, 2011

“We care, we share, we dare”

Last days has been interesting from Finnish educator point of view. Discussion on Finlands education system has been lively in #finnedchat. Many great educators from Finland and all over the world have join discussions. Our blog #Finnedchat – all about Finnish Education had many visitors, 1000 in two days http://finnedchat.blogspot.com/. Collaboration with educators is very rewarding.
Inspired by all this I also want to establish my own blog. In this blog I am going to dig my Diigo-files and make presentations of social media in classroom for teachers point of view and also the whole school as social media learning environment.
Im not Finnish Shakespeare in English, but I have a personal mission and message. Us, honered educators, should give our students, 21st learners modern, best possible learning enviroment. 
I learn best from video-tutorials so I start my blog with Twitter and TweetDeck-tutorial from @stumpteacher. I really like Twitter and if Twitter is my girlfriend, TweetDeck is my wife – and I love them both. After a short dating period with Twitter, i moved in my tweeting  more serious relationship with Tweetdeck.
I follow simultaneoysly my friends, my lists, favorites, mentions, messages, new  followers,   hashtags like #finnedchat #edchat #edtech #mlearning #augmentedreality #entrepreneurship and and other tweeters lists like @web20classroom.  I also follow interesting tweeters  with search-tool.
My teammate, associate and principal Aki Puustinen @apuustin said one #finnedchat tweet from teachers:  “We care, we share, we dare”.  Lets dare to make mistake and risk of using education technology for benefit of our students abilities and learning.
Lets collaborate! @ilotimo


  1. Hi Timo!

    Congratulations on your new blog! I look forward to reading your posts.

    Always an admirer of Finnish education, I was very happy when I found you on Twitter - you were the first Finnish educator I followed and from you then I found a whole lot more!

    I admire your passion and enthusiasm for education - keep up the excellent work.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Thanks Vicky! And thanks for kind word you said. Now i going to post douple speed.