Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twitter in Classroom (part 3)

In our third part we go deeper with tutorials in applying Twitter in Classroom. But first, if there is a reader who doesnt have Twitter account yet, this tutorial is for you. Get a cup of coffee, look all the tutorials and links, and you dont want to start your vacation:)

"Dr. Rankin, professor of History at UT Dallas, wanted to know how to reach more students and involve more people in class discussions both in and out of the classroom." From Youtube video-trailer.  So their started use Twitter.

Twitter is also handy on Kinderkarden in Meridian School in Seattle.

                                                 Using Twitter in Elementary School

This is great video with good examples

You find more videos on Youtube by search Twitter in Classroom.

This is not enough to make you perfect Twitter-teacher. Finally there some links you should check. Take your 23 steps becoming Twitter -teacher.  After these steps you are ready to 100 new ways to use Twitter in Classroom. And then you become hungry so check 101 Ways to use Twitter in Campus. Finally for desert there are two WOW-experiences from Twitter use in Role Playing. Temporal Tuesday - when everyone gets your own Timemachine and TWhistory -Those who forget history are doomed to re-tweet it

These fantastic examples end our journey on Twitter in Classroom. But all us teachers know, that in August we have many new great ideas in our classrooms. 

In my blog I continue presentations from Education Technology. We leave Twitter behind for a while, and search Facebook in school and social bookmarking tool Diido, my dear library use in classroom. Then we come back on Twitter and I prensent the ultimate Twitter tools, what every Twitter-teachers needs.

I hope you join and start collect good new ideas and examples from Twitter in Classroom at  hashtag #twinclass.

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