Sunday, May 29, 2011

Facebook in Education

In this post I present different ways to use Facebook in education ja and classroom. I work in Voionmaa upper secondary school as a teacher and student councellor and also as a project manager in many different projects.

I use Facebook in many ways:

  • Send messages to other teachers and developers which I have listed
  • Send best tweets and links from TweetDeck to Facebook
  • Send messages to our school students, because their reply faster in Facebook than E-mails.
  • Our school Voionmaa upper secondary school  (might ask your sign in your Facebook account) have own Facebook-page and there over 1200 students involve. Im administrator with 3 other teachers and 2-3 students in this year.  We share information, pictures, videos, links, promote school events and new courses.
  • I have networked between different upper secondary schools in Finland - I liked schools Facebook-pages, so I know, what happens in every school from my wall, very practical.
  • We have also network with 24  upper secondary schools and have common Facebook-page, where every school share their best practices for entrepreneurship and social media projects. All schools works at administrator of pages. Network is called Y-love network in entrepreneurship and social media. (Page is in Finnish, but take a look around) Sign in your Facebook account.
  • We also plan and write all new project in Facebook and GoogleDocs. In most project there is a demand on networking ja ICT-use, so application is written between schools all over Finland. Closed Facebook-group is great tool to lead writing process, innovate new and share links. Actual writing happens in GoogleDocs.
  • I have now closed groups at #Finnedchat, Mobile project, Voionmaa school teachers and couple more.
  • I use Facebook chat a lot with other teacher developers, its easy and quick.

Two videos give some perspectives from Facebook in classroom and education.

Next post is about using Facebook in School marketing and branding.

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