Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Labdisc Science measurement tools for iPad

Im running iPad project called Mobiluck involved six Finnish high schools.  We have tested iPads and other tablets in classroom teaching and documentation tools, in project based learning, in sports, flipped classroom, in use of augmented reality applications. And now we testing iPad as science tool. 

 Project bought 12 Labdisc Measurement tools made by Globisens Ltd. Each school get two measurement devices for use if physics, chemistry, math, geography classes. From Globisens page some features of these science devices: Ambient Temperature, Barometer, Colorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen, External Temperature, GPS, IR Temperature, pH, Relative Humidity, Sound Level, Turbidity, UV. Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External Temperature, Light, Microphone, Universal Input, Voltage . . . 

We had training session for natural science teachers last week. At first their  download a Globilab iPad app for teachers iPads. After couple hours of theory they went outside to take measurements like air pressure, moisture, ambient temperature, distance . . Teachers where quite inspired of many possibilities Labdisc offers.  I will share more results later on.  

Our Labdisc tools for high school use. 



One Labdisc tutorial from Labdisc Youtube channel. How to use Labdisc outside classroom.