Sunday, August 7, 2011

TweetDeck & 100s of Twitter tools for Teachers

I have posted about Twitter a few times before.  Twitter in Classroom part 1. Twitter in Classroom 2 ; Twitter in Classroom part 3; Updates: Facebook and Twitter in Classroom and Georgia Department of Defense: Tactical Guides of Social Media.
This post share some examples of other available Twitter tools  which gives extra boost on your tweeting.     

My top tool is TweetDeck. Best feature in TweetDeck is that i can see multible columns in one view, very quick look and i know whats happening, like example today i have 15 columns open. First all friends, my top list, my iPad list, mentions, #RSCON3, #finnedchat, favorites, direct messages, new followers, #edtech, #mlearning, #ipadchat, #ipaded, Facebook, Linkedin. 

I also open new columns for daily needs, like follow my new blog post retweeting (for thanking them), follow interesting hashtags, sometimes i follow one person, who has some spesific information, like Scott Newcomb @snewco from mlearning or @web20classroom Steven W. Anderson from everything related education technogy and many others.

Thats enough from my experiences, check out these tutorials, slides and links  from TweetDeck and other hundreds of Twitter tools.

Josh Stumpenhorst @Stumpteacher tutorial: Twitter 102 (using TweetDeck)

Twitter: Top Twitter tools exposed & explaned by lightning speed by Zebolsen

Twitter 102 by Amanda L. Sage

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