Monday, January 2, 2012

Vimeo for educators

In year 2012 I am going to focus on different video services and screencasting possibilities. 
First there is Vimeo

"Vimeo is the home for videos you create." (

What is the Basic use of VimeoYou can upload and share your videos, connect with community, explore videos in different categories, and learn how to make videos in Vimeo Video school

About month ago i made my first Vimeo uploading. Making a video took about 10 minutes and sign in and uploading about 15 minutes, so its easy and quick.  It easy to embed to your blog like Youtube videos.  

Speech about Finnish education system in Teachmeet event in Holywell High School in Wales

Finnish education system by Timo Ilomäki from Timo Ilomäki on Vimeo.

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