Friday, February 24, 2012

Using iPads in Voionmaa High School

Using iPads in Voionmaa high school based on system, where iPads are in Leba iPad  case. We have 30 ipads in our school and whole 6 school network about 150. We share our experiences daily in Facebook and in blog. With Leba case its easy and quick to synchronize all 30 at the same time. 

We also want to give our teachers as much time to use iPads as possible. Two cases are in my office and teachers can take iPad home after school, weekends and holidays like today, when winter holiday starts. In school morning iPads are available to use in classroom.

Our school main focus in this project are iPads using in sports and by athletes. In classroom use its up to teacher how iPads are used, but our school make short time use on hour to one week, some other schools give iPads for 2 months. We can make same  a comparative study of our experiences.

 In January and February iPads used in Comenius trips in Turkey and in CERN. Our athletes practice in Spain in May and they use iPad in those kind of sport camps. 

This video was in earlier iPad post, but once again make no harm, if someone has miss that


  1. Wonderful Timo. Great use of iPads at school. Keep walking with your project and have a nice time in Russia!!!

  2. Ooh I can see you have ipads in quantity for teaching. Therefore I should advise you to use Nearpod. It's an app for classroom use, in which you create your content as a presentation and share it with the rest of the ipads, also adding interactive activities. Really cool. Quick link:
    Austin Duggan