Tuesday, June 5, 2012

QR codes, iPads and sports in high school

In Voionmaa high school, Finland, Jyväskylä,  was tested use of QR codes and iPads help of better gym training. Our sport teacher and ice hockey trainer Mika Lievonen made five weight training videos  which was linked with QR codes. We added codes in each gym equipment so our sport high school students can watch  example of good performance before training.  

Voionmaa sport high school student Orash Schmidt read codes with iPad.

Next year we have plans to use QR codes in every sport, gaming and geography. These tests related on six high school project using iPads in high school sport training, classrooms  and team work. Project is funded by  Finnish National Board of Education,  learning environment development programs.

If you are interested about iPads in education, follow hashtag #ifinnpad

One example video by Mika Lievonen (In Finnish, but body language is enough:))  


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