Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flickr for Teachers and Classrooms

This post presents basic use of Flickr and some practical ideas for use of Flickr in classroom. I use Flickr in mainly two ways, first saving my family pictures safe place and keep them private and second find free Creative commons pictures for my presentations with students or other teachers. More information on You can also share your pictures, join groups, collaborate with other users. This photo found in creative commons search: Kids in school / classroom. Link: School children at a floating primary school

School children at a floating primary school, Prek Toal Wildlife Sanctuary.  Picture by Tajai

         If you havent sign in yet, take a tour in Flickr and see what is going on there. 
First two tutorials presents basic use of Flickr and the rest gives ideas how to use Flickr in classroom.

               Introduction on Flickr

How to use Flickr: 10 Steps in Two Minutes 

U Tech Tips Presents: Flickr - Photo sharing

                Flickr In Classroom

 Using Flickr as on online classroom - case study

Flickr in Classroom by Nicledndimed

Flickr in art teaching


If you want more Flickr tools:


  1. Did you know about #eltpics on Flickr? It's a set of pictures (3500 now and constantly growing) which are all by teachers for teachers shared under a creative commons license. Each week a new topic is posted and teachers are encouraged to share their pictures on Twitter using the hashtag #eltpics. They are then uploaded and made available for anyone to download for their lessons or blogs with the correct attribution. This is my post about how to join in:
    Thanks for the great ideas!

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