Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Social bookmarking - Diigo for Teachers

After using actively Facebook and especially Twitter with TweetDeck I had huge collection of great education technology links in my Twitter favorites-file. Problem was that it was impossible to find any specific topic or link. Then I found Diigo and my over thousand links transferred to my Diigo-library. That was the beginning of my social bookmarking career.

Social bookmarking is about to save, store,share and group bookmarks on the Internet online. There are many others like Diigo, example Delicious. But I use Diigo, so today I present some fantastic possibilities what Diigo offers. To teachers who dont want to use Facebook or Twitter and be in social networks,  Diigo give tools to get information from whole Diigo community anonymously. There are also networking possibilities, but its up to you, share or not. I use Diigo mostly when I need to find new information, save my Twitter favorites. Best thing is, that my links are always with me. There are many other ways, example using in research, find information on topics from other users, make research groups from same topics,  bookmark web pages online.

I share this topic to posts. In this post I present through tutorial how to use Diigo effectively. Next post presents different ways how to use Diigo in education and classroom.

This first tutorial Social Bookmarking: Making the Web Work for You opens up concept of sosial bookmarking and use of Diigo

 Shorter version of Diigo presentation.

More Information: Diigo tutorial page by Jennifer Dorman

Next post: Diigo in education and classroom


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