Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slideshare for Teachers

Welcome to the Slideshare where you can upload your presentations (powerpoint example), documents and videos. There are also other features like finding good information from different topics, make  Slidecasts (presentation with audio) and Zipcast (live presentation of slideshow).

I use Slideshare finding quick information from new topics and also new presentations on social media. I also follow some top names on Slideshare and embed presentation to my blog.  You can make different kind of searches from presentations like most views, latest and favored, most downloads, browse by category and filter by type (presentations, documents, slidecasts, videos.

Part I tutorials presents basic use of Slideshare, Part II show how to make Slidecasts and Part III presents Zipcast in action.

Part I - Basic use of Slideshare
Slideshare Tutorial

Slideshare: Why should you use it by Amit Ranjan

SlideShare 101
View more presentations from Amit Ranjan

Part II - Slidecast

Slidecast Tutorial

Slidecast tutorial: Creating a Slidecast

Part III - Zipcast

Introducing Zipcast by Rashmi Sinha

Introducing Zipcast
View more presentations from Rashmi Sinha

Zipcast Tutorial

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  1. Hi! We are students of the University of Murcia (Spain) and we are studing Primary Education (Bilingual). This week we have to work with slideshare and we have a blog, and we would like to publish the link of this blog in our blog, in the sense that it could be very useful.
    Thank you!