Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New features of Prezi and Prezi for Ipad

My first Prezi post How to make a Prezi - Rookie to Pro in 20 Minutes presented basic use of Prezi and second one Prezi part 2 - in Classroom gave some ideas for using Prezi in School.  Todays post presents some new features of Prezi and use it with  Ipad.

In Interview Peter Arvai CEO of Prezi talk about Prezi Meeting, which allows people to edit and work on the same Prezi presentation together, in real time,  on different computers. From building43


Better lines and arrows, image cropping

Instuructions from Prezi Blog

You can use arrows and lines to make your prezi story easier to follow. Based on your feedback, we have updated this feature.
How to draw straight lines, resize and bend lines and arrows:
1. Draw a line or arrow and double-click it.
2. Drag the control points on one of the edges to resize length / move edges on the canvas
3. Drag the control point at the center of a line or arrow to bend it
4. Set the thickness of lines or arrows using the Zebra’s middle ring
Also, you can save a lot of time by cropping your images right in prezi without using any third party editors to set up your photos before loading them to your prezi.
How to crop images:
1. Double-click on an image to see the four control points.
2. Drag control points to select the part of the image you want to keep.
3. Hit Enter or ESC to crop the image; or, click anywhere outside of the image to crop.

Customize colors, fonts, drag and drop files!

Prezi + Ipad

More Prezi for Ipad

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